To continue our dedication of providing our customers with the highest quality products and meats, in addition to dry-aging our beef, we ensure that all of our products are sourced from local, ethical, and sustainable farmers. 


We receive our lamb and pork from Johnston’s in the Fraser Valley, a respected source of quality meat products for more than seventy years – all animals the company brings to market have been raised by local family farms with the best treatment practices. This means the animals were happy and vigorous so the meat will be succulent and healthy. Furthermore, Johnston’s maintains a strong role in the local community and keeps its policies environmentally sound. A company that makes certain to treat everyone fairly, whether clients or animals, the community or the world

Whispering Winds Ranch

Most of our beef is provided by Whispering Winds Ranch in Vanderhoof, BC. This multi-generation family raises beef that’s hormone-free and grass-fed in a natural environment. Whispering Winds raises all their own feed – such as hay – so that they can control what their animals eat, and they help safeguard both the environment and their animals through careful control of nutrients and habitat. When the animals are happy and healthy, the meat they produce is clean, nutritious, and delicious.

Farm Fed

Most of our poultry is from Farm Fed in Abbotsford. Formed in 1996, Farm Fed produces high demand poultry that are HACCP certified and shipped inter-provincially and internationally. The poultry is all high-quality from local poultry farmers – birds raised on a wheat-based diet and given the freedom to wander around the barn. Farm Fed makes certain that humane practices are always followed, which means the poultry remains healthy and natural.


United Poultry

The rest of our poultry comes from United Poultry Co. Ltd. in Vancouver. As with Farm Fed, United Poultry only uses high-quality birds from local farmers, ones that are fed well and treated well.

Rabbit River Farms

Our eggs all come from the family-run Rabbit River Farms in Richmond, where laying hens are kept cage free inside the barn, roaming on a flooring of shavings. They all receive a healthy all-vegetarian feed with no antibiotics or synthetic chemicals, which means you can trust that the eggs are of the best quality. Rabbit River Farms was the very first SPCA (Humane)-certified farm in Canada and authored the original Canadian Certified Organic Egg Production Standards (COABC). Rabbit River has dedicated itself to advancing local sustainable agriculture while enhancing the standards of Canadian organic eggs, the environmental effects of farming, and the human treatment of poultr